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If you are employed in a computer zone, you will know the use of RAID and where they are used. But, if you are not aware of any RAID controllers and need to purchase one without reading this guide, don’t buy as you might be clearer at the end of this guide.

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RAID Controllers Buying Guide

RAID controllers are used in computer storage to process logical expressions and to maintain the data of the hard drives and solid-state drives. You cannot blindly choose a RAID controller without considering any of the vital parameters for the RAID controllers’ working.

Choose the level of the RAID first

The right level of your RAID is mandatory for the efficiency of your controller. If you buy the wrong level, it would either cause damage or will be inefficient for your needs. So, selecting the appropriate level of your RAID is essential. But, if you don’t know how to choose the proper level, you can ask a professional. If not, consider the following factors: view the disk storage’s cost, the availability and protection of data needed, and performance required. With these simple questions, you can outline the level to a certain point.

Wide possibility of the OS

If any time soon, you have the chance to upgrade from one OS to another, then it should not affect the controller in your computer. If it does affect you, then you will have trouble solving them. So, choose a RAID that does not affect your choice to upgrade to a new OS or the speed of your decision either. Again, ensure you buy it from a reliable manufacturer. It is to confirm if you have troubles later after purchasing, you can seek technical help.

Choose between hardware or software RAID

From the two types of controllers: hardware and software RAID, according to your needs, the choice of RAIDs will differ. Your hardware RAID will do calculations on the controller, whereas the software RAID will do it on the server. So, if your calculations are complex, you can go with hardware RAID. If not, choosing a software RAID will get the job done. Another reason for choosing a hardware RAID is that they don’t freeze by the server’s workload and are heavily useful for data protection.

How reliable is your RAID code?

The reliability of your RAID controllers is essential for the efficient working of the controllers. Make sure they can be run on multiple servers, and they have been tested for the long run. Also, be aware of the level migration of your RAID. That is, if you need migration from one level to another level, make sure it is possible with your RAID controller.