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Dogs are extremely playful pets that love some outdoor adventure. But not every outdoor activity goes the way it was planned. Anything from a stormy wind to a drizzle can irritate your pet as well as you. Weather can be an unpredictable phenomenon, and the least one can do to be prepared with protective equipment for themselves and their pets, especially in seasons concerned. Raincoats for dogs prevent them from getting wet by rain and thereby avoiding irritation and illnesses.

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How is it designed?

Raincoats for dogs are made of water-resistant and durable nylon or polyester materials with breathable mesh lining. They should ideally cover the whole body, including all the four legs up to the hock joint or even till the paw. Stretchable, elastic straps on the neck and elastic cuffs on the legs ensure a comfortable, flexible fit. The chest and neck areas are usually covered with the zipper of the coat attached to the back. A hole or space on the neck to attach the leash is a must as your pet should be in your reach during a rain.

Raincoats for dogs are designed for easy cleaning and care. Just wiping the surface would do the job if the coat is not terribly dirty. Raincoats are also machine-washable and can be hung to dry.

Some unique features

Some raincoats are multipurpose. They come with snow-resistant capacity with their cosy and much thicker but breathable fabric. Coats with reflective strips or patterns help spot your dog in a crowd if it wanders through.

Show off your pet’s style!

Dogs are adorable and powerful-looking animals. Shielding your dog with anything requires it to be equally charming. Depending on the breed, size, and age, there are a lot of things that can be experimented with for your dog's coat. Solid colours and bold designs would go well with large breeds and older dogs. Cute little pups can carry off patterns and prints with bright colours. One can also customize the coats by consulting the brands and get the pup's name and the like printed on the coat.

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