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If you have a soul that is intrigued by the workings of magnets, or even if you are involved in a technical and mechanical profession, rare earth magnets can be a godsend for you. Evidently, not all rare earth magnets are the same, be it their strength or their constituency. This guide will help you discern all such factors.

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Rare Earth Magnets Buying Guide

Rare Earth magnets are permanent magnets. By permanent magnets, we mean magnets that secure their magnetism throughout without losing any of their properties. Substances like iron and nickel, on the other hand, would constitute temporary magnetism. There is a range of things that you might want to consider while buying rare earth magnets. Some rare earth magnets are so strong that they might not extract from a surface by basic human force once locked with magnetic waves. Others are more user-friendly and have weaker properties. This guide is meant to elucidate the same.

What are the kinds of rare earth magnets?

Neodymium magnets and samarium cobalt magnets are the two categories of rare earth magnets made available by sellers. Specifically, customised magnets used in music boxes would be the terefenol magnets. The samarium cobalt magnets are the ones that are more on the spectrum exhibiting vulnerability. They are also more expensive as compared to other magnets. More often than not, technical fixtures make use of neodymium magnets. These magnets fight corrosion better and are flexibly made use of in smaller regular gears. The former tends to be a deeper pinch on the pocket because of its thermal properties, as they are very stable in high temperatures.

Why you need the magnet?

Extending from the previous point, you must ask yourself the purpose that you are rooting for. All rare earth magnets would not suit your specific need. Once you have a reason figured out, inquiring about them to sellers would become an easier job. Speaking of which, you should always interact with the seller to discern every small quality a magnet might exhibit. You don't want to be caught unawares if the magnet you bought fails to take any thermal shock or is not strong enough for what you are using it.

Safety requirements on your fingertips

It is a regular amateur assumption that magnets are just small toys that cannot cause any harm to a human using them. However, suppose you are dealing with strong neodymium magnets and are going to place them close together. In that case, you might want to double-check and ensure that you are wearing suitable apparel that can protect you from anything going wrong. People dealing with suck magnets in mechanical factories make sure that they wear helmets and gloves before getting their hands into the job.

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