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A reading pillow not only lets you read your favorite magazine comfortably but also fixes several health-related concerns. When considering the most sought-after pillow for your leisure, there are a number of options to choose from; in terms of design, material, and measurement.

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A reading pillow is a large pillow with a pocket stitched into it, meant to be used for reading books. The pillow is tailored for people who love snuggling to the bed while reading. An ordinary pillow is not friendly to your spine. A reading pillow is usually carved in a way to support your back while reading.

Designs available in a reading pillow

A wedge-shaped design is perfect for watching television on the floor or reading in bed. The creeping slope helps ease respiratory problems while reducing neck and shoulder pain. A batwing pillow is designed for supporting the lumbar area providing lateral support. Husband pillow is an ergonomic backrest reading pillow. They have a detachable neck roll of bungee. This sturdy and fully formed bed backrest offers support to the entire body.

Features of a reading pillow

Reading pillows come with additional pockets to hold anything you want to handle in bed. A husband pillow provides an adjustable loft for individual comfort. A larger reading pillow features a top handle, making it easier to reposition on your bed. Traditional or husband reading pillows generally accompany armrests. Common husband and wedge pillow models offer a removable cover for easier cleaning.

Materials used in a reading pillow

Husband pillow and wedge pillow comes with memory foam. Memory foam is higher in density. It is firmer when cold and softer in higher temperatures. They help achieve neutral spinal alignment by molding to your shape. The batwing design comes with a polyester filling. The pillows are suffused with tiny polyester particles to various heights, and densities alter the pillow's feel.

Following the dimensions

A traditional reading pillow weighs about 6 pounds. An average batwing pillow has a 76 cm wide backrest area, with wings the width is 94 cm. A wedge and husband pillow own similar dimensions. You can expect them to be 55-58 cm in length, around 20-22 cm wide. A husband pillow is 80 cm in height, while a wedge-shaped pillow can measure up to 22 cm. 

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