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Bills are a vital document when it comes to buying and selling. However, the seller needs to have a quick and reliable way to print the bills to make as many sales as possible. Receipt printers assist the buyer in doing just that. A receipt printer is a handheld or stationary device that prints the receipts instantaneously.

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Receipt Printers Buying Guide

A quick look in an outlet with multiple customers will reveal that the cashier quickly scans the items and prints the receipt within seconds. This is done with the help of specialised receipt printers. The handy form factor and reliability make these nifty devices very popular. The buyer can look for different variants depending on their needs and frequency of use. This guide will help amateur buyers buy the perfect receipt printer for their use. 

Types Of Receipt Printers

The buyer has a plethora of choices when it comes to buying receipt printers. Choices based on usability, longevity and effectiveness leave little to be desired. Based on the frequency of use, the buyer can choose between dot-matrix printers or inkjet printers. With the dot-matrix printers, the buyer must note that the operating costs are lower and, the printer is incredibly efficient. On the other hand, inkjet printers are known for their high-quality printouts. They can print high-quality logos and other information on the receipt of the company. 

Features Based On Use Cases

The buyer can specialise further based on how they intend to use the printer. If the buyer has a computer set up and would use the printer side-by-side, they can go for a full-fledged printer that attaches to the computer. These printers are connected to a power source, quick and efficient due to their form factor and constant power consumption. On the other hand, if the buyer needs a mobile printer, they can opt for a handheld device known for its incredible speed and lower maintenance costs. The devices connect to a network that inputs the data the buyer needs to print, in this case, the receipts. 

Considerations With Each Type Of Printer

Generally, if the buyer opts for an inkjet printer, they have a network that is governed by a POS or Point Of Sales Software. This printer requires a constant connection with the computer and draws power constantly. On the other hand, the dot-matrix printer can be found as a handheld device and connects wirelessly to the network.

Convenient Add-Ons That Make Your Life Better

After the buyer has gone through the previous steps, they can now start looking for add-on features that provide more convenience. The buyer can invest in a stationary printer for getting speeds up to 43 receipts per minute. Some printers can even work independently of a POS as they have inbuilt memory for remembering recurring customers. 

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