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Homebrewing & winemaking is a slow process. Getting a perfect drink while acknowledging the PH balance, acidity, fruit sweetness is a bit difficult. Thus, instruments like Refractometers scales down the hassle associated with home brewing.

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This optical instrument determines the sugar and alcohol content for potential liquor before fermentation. Just a few drops and directly get accurate final readings of the brew. People often use a hydrometer for the brewing process. But, using a hydrometer requires more equipment, big sample sizes and careful handling of breakable glass. Hence, a refractometer can be a good alternative for hydrometer.

How should be an ideal refractometer?

The dimensions of the instrument typically revolve around 20×9×6 cm with a standard weight of 240 grams. It may slightly vary from brand to brand. Overall, refractometers must be lightweight and pocket-friendly. Choose the refractometers of premium quality materials. The body made up of aluminium alloy is more durable & anti-scratch and prevents the equipment from chipping & corrosion. At times, fitness freak individuals also desire to casually check out the sugar content of their daily food & drinks. Therefore, a multi-purpose refractometer can also test the sugar concentration and other dissolved solids present in fruits, vegetables, herbs, and beverages.

Essential scientific components

The refractometer should have a dual scale measurement. Such an instrument can show the results in both Specific Gravity and Brix units of measurement. As winemakers usually favour a Brix scale for expressing the liquid density, brewers, on the other hand, often prefer specific gravity units. So, a dual scale can fulfil both the requirements in one single device. Generally, the refractometers with a scale range of- Brix (0-32%) and Specific Gravity (1.000-1.130) are much popular. Also, a refractometer with Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) is a preferable choice. This feature keeps the refractive index of brew unaffected from external temperature and reveals the same value over an extensive range of practical temperatures. 

Special features enrich the product quality!

Most refractometers use ambience light only. So, there will be no requirement for a battery or power source. An adjustable eyepiece helps in observing the brew results. The soft and comfortable non-slip rubber body brings easy handling of the instrument. Preserving refractometers after use is another heedful job. Don’t keep the equipment directly into the water for cleaning. Instead, consciously wipe the prism with a soft cloth to avoid any probable scratches.

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