Top 12 Reptiles & Amphibians

When we think of domestic pets, the first that come to mind are dogs and cats, and sometimes even fishes and birds – but, two more species on the list of most common household pets are reptiles & amphibians. This particular category includes a wide range of animals, but only a few are suitable for humans to keep. People usually harbour turtles, lizards, toads, frogs, snakes, and salamanders in their homes and just like any other domestic pet, buying supplies for reptiles & amphibians is essential.

Reptiles & Amphibians Buying Guide

One can purchase many items to make domestic life more comfortable for their pet reptile or amphibian – and while the first thing is a suitable living environment like an aquarium, you need a lot more. Reptiles & amphibians cannot survive on human food, and it is vital to buy foods with nutrients suitable for them. Other supplies include basking lamps, bedding, supplements, and more but first, buyers need to figure out what they need, and this guide will help them make an informed choice.

Do You Need a Basking Spot Lamp/Bulb?

We all know that the sun does a lot more than give light and just how humans obtain many benefits from it, so do animals, including reptiles and amphibians. But we tend to keep them indoors, inside aquariums and cages, which prevents them from getting their daily dose of sunlight. Also, it is not always possible to take your pet outside, which is why a basking spot lamp is a perfect investment. Placing a UV bulb in your pet’s habitat is equivalent to them basking in the sun every day and helps them produce vitamins to keep their organs healthy.

Choose Nutritional Diet Options and Supplements

Like every other living being around us, reptiles and amphibians also require a balanced and nutritional diet. Whether you buy live food or its substitute, it is vital to ensure the food includes all essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements, and must be made with the highest quality, natural ingredients. However, high calcium and fibre are also crucial for a well-balanced diet. In case you need to buy supplements for your pet amphibian or reptile, make sure it has all the required nutrients and is safe to use and easy to administer.

Other Supplies You Can Buy for Reptiles & Amphibians

Setting up a suitable environment for your pet is essential for them to survive and be happy, and an excellent choice is habitat moss and bed terrain/bedding. Such substrates can help provide humidity, encourage natural burrowing behaviours, and is suitable for laying eggs. Instead of basking lamps, buyers can even go with heating pads, especially if they own a reptile. Feeding tweezers or tongs are also an excellent purchase to feed live insects, but it is vital to make sure the material is not harmful to your pet.