Top 12 Resistor Networks

Circuits are a household item in this day and age. They are used almost everywhere and serve a vital purpose. A necessary component of an electrical Circuit is the resistor. Resistors are most commonly used for restricting, dividing or reducing the flow of current through the circuit. A resistor network aims to help do this with the help of multiple resistors for more and better control.

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Resistor Networks Buying Guide

Resistor networks are an essential part of the circuit. If used correctly, they can provide optimal results by using electricity efficiently. One needs to invest in a high-quality resistor network for utmost safety and satisfactory results. The applications of the resistor network can be in DIY projects, in electric heaters, toasters etc. This guide will help the amateur buyer narrow down the choices.

Deciding The Best Resistor Network Based On The Use Case

As mentioned before, the resistor network has a wide variety of applications. A resistor network can be brought to a small scale to control the flow of electricity in a simple circuit or repair a household toaster. It can also be seen in a rail network fro diverting power to different trains. The buyer needs to determine the scale and intended use before making the final purchase decision.

The Different Types Of Resistors

Depending on the situation, the buyer can shortlist the type of resistor that would be perfect for their use. The different types of resistors are wire-wound resistors, variable resistors and metal film resistors. Each of these resistors is constructed from separate materials. This ultimately gives them the ability to fluctuate the current on a wider scale. For example, the wire-wound resistor enables the buyer to fluctuate the current but not to a large degree.

How Many Resistors Should You Buy?

One can always buy a higher rated resistor for a lower-rated electric circuit but it'd be a waste of both resources and money. The buyer must therefore invest in the resistors which are closely rated to their project. The buyer can also buy multiple lower rates resistors as opposed to a single higher rated resistor to exercise more control.