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A restaurant table base is more important than given credit for. Visually appealing tabletops aren't enough; sturdy bases must hold them together and keep them upright. Many a restaurant hazard can be avoided with a strong table base. Consider a few aspects while buying one.

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Restaurant Table Bases Buying Guide

A restaurant needs several tables for obvious reasons. You want your customers to be able to sit comfortably and enjoy their meals. While the tabletops are the visible, obvious part of the arrangement, holding it up is the table base. Without a strong base, a table is futile. Imagine tables in a restaurant having weak bases. One push and food is found on the floor, dishes are broken, a commotion is created, and both the ambience of the restaurant and the mood of your customer are ruined. Hence, selecting a proper table base is important.

How much space will it occupy?

The size of the base depends on how big your tabletop is. Don't forget to take the height of the base into account! Table bases that are compact-sized can be helpful if your restaurant has limited space. Some even come with features like a flip mechanism to facilitate storage. 

How secure is it?

Choose a sturdy table base. Check if it is made of tough materials like cast iron. Whether you plan to put it to indoor or outdoor use, make sure it is durable. It must weigh enough to be stable. The pole should be appropriately thick. Some table bases come with adjustable feet, which make the tables more secure. If aesthetics bother you, choose an attractive table base. Some brands design their bases to make them look more striking. Some bases even have a contemporary aluminium, chrome or silver finish to look appealing.

Compatibility with table tops

You can't forget the other half while purchasing a table base. Along with its size, another aspect of being considered is if the tabletop is predrilled. Some table bases are simply not suitable for predrilled tops. Others are made for predrilled tabletops of specific brands only. Carefully match your tabletops to the bases.

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