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Restaurant tables are just like any other table. They have rectangular or circular boards with one or many legs. So, what makes restaurant tables differ from others? Restaurants are known for their ambience. Tables should be of good quality in look and hygiene to chat, enjoy, and savour the cuisine. Unknown to us, owners use different table parts to match the vibe.

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Restaurant Tables & Table Parts Buying Guide

In restaurants, the screech heard when moving the chairs can ruin the whole vibe of the place. The screech and floor scratches can be unbearable during cleaning hours. To avoid this, owners use some useful parts that can avoid noise and floor damage. The following article helps the buyer get to know the table parts.


Tabletops are available in various materials, shapes and sizes. Wooden, granite and resin table top are used both indoor and outdoor. They are durable and can be used for a long time. Tables are available in different shapes as well. Square tops give a classic look. Rectangular and round ones are ideal for family dinners and reunions. The size varies. Owners having small café prefer small ones, while family restaurants require larger ones to accommodate more people.

Table bases

While choosing table bases, owners should give customers enough foot space. Table bases are the foundation, spider, column and base plate are the components of the table base. The spider connects the base to the top, the column adjusts the height, and the base plate gives stability to the whole table. Round, cross, bolt down, and T-shaped is some types of base available. The bases also should match the tabletop and restaurant aesthete.

Table gliders

Restaurants require to be cleaned every day. When doing so, moving the tables make noise and also scratches the floor. Using table gliders can reduce the noise. The gliders are small rubber or metal pad screws fixed at the table base.  They help to reduce noise and protect the floor from scratches. They also can be used in levelling the table base on uneven floors.

Table wedges

There might be times one of the tables starts rattling or stands in a tilted position in your restaurant. Overall, the table would be in a good position except for its base. Instead of putting coasters or napkins underneath, you can place a table wedge. Table wedges are designed to withstand heavy tables and can be used on any floor. Helpful in fixing shaky tables on carpet, uneven floors etc. Make sure the wedges match the floor colour for a less noticeable appearance.

Final advice on table accessories

Before purchasing aesthetic tables for your restaurant, make sure to buy the fitting table tops and bases. Both should match your restaurant's aesthete, colours and location. It should also be able to give a sturdy foundation and enough foot space for the customers. Choosing the right table improves the integrity of your shop.

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