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A rheostat is a device similar to the resistor and is used for calculating the variable resistance of any device. It is available in a tubular structure where the wire is wound on to its surface. The resistance is calculated by moving the device back and forth. So, how do you buy the right one?

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Rheostats Buying Guide

Rheostats are used in many applications in the industry. They are useful when there needs an adjustment in the current or the resistance. It is widely used in generators, and motors where dimming the light and control of the speed is required. Let us get started with the buying guide.

Examine the various materials used

A rheostat works solely on the wires and the tubular surface below it for calculating the resistance. Make sure the wire is made of copper. Most of the times, wires are made of copper only. The second thing is the material with which the body of the rheostat is made. Some are made with plastic while some are made with porcelain and ceramic. You can find the details about these in the shop you will buy the rheostat from or the product description.

Test the electrical considerations

Consider checking the electrical considerations you have to look at before buying like voltage, frequency, and power are to be examined appropriately. Rheostats are made with different power ratings, voltages, and frequency. Instead of buying impulsively, calculate what you need in the application and then finalize the product.

Check all the additional characteristics

A rheostat is not only used in industries. In the school laboratories and research areas, the rheostat should control the current, voltage, speed, and power. You might have to check this point before purchasing it for your school or research labs. Also, check the overall resistance and the temperature it will operate at a maximum. So, consider these above-said factors for your first rheostat.