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Rice cookers will help make the process of cooking rice easier. It will cook it properly and keep it warm for some time. Undercooked or overcooked rice can ruin an entire meal; hence getting a good rice cooker is important.

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Rice Cookers Buying Guide

Rice is a basic dish; for millions of people worldwide, it constitutes the staple diet. Cooking rice might look easy, but whoever has tried it will know how easy it is to mess it up! If you make mistakes, you will have a hard time eating them. It will either remain hard and undercooked or even worse; it will become overcooked and soggy. Cooking rice properly is, hence, quite a skill to be learnt. To make it easier, buy rice cookers that are built well. Your rice will be cooked correctly and in time. Look out for a few features while purchasing rice cookers.

The capacity of the cooker

How many people can the rice cooker make rice for? It is a fundamental query. Count the number of people who will probably consume the rice in your household and match that against the cooker's capacity. Rice cookers usually mention their capacities in details, so it should not be a tough job. Some are meant for families of three to four average people, while others can support more. Check the figures cited, the exact measurements, and the number of cups of uncooked rice the cooker can handle.

What can it cook?

There are different kinds of rice; which ones can the rice cooker handle? There are white rice and whole grain rice, basmati rice, aromatic rice, jasmine rice, sushi rice, and more. You will come across rice cookers that offer a multigrain option; it implies that the cooker can handle grains other than that of rice, or it can deal with a blend of different rice grains. However, it's wise always to check the manual because not all brands have the same idea of multigrain. Some cookers offer as many as seven cooking phases that make sure your rice always smells and tastes the best.

Prevention of burning

To prevent burning, some rice cookers feature a non-stick coating. A few even sport a double coating on the inner pot and a honeycomb pattern. Other rice cookers coat their inner pots with ceramic which is durable. If you plan to cook rice in a rush often, get one with a quick cooking option; it will do your job, although the results might not be perfect.

Fuzzy logic is helpful

Some rice cookers have fuzzy logic programmed into the system. To take different cooking conditions into account, these cookers are slightly more lenient with timing. For example, you can find rice cookers that offer 3D heating with seven phases; their surround technology might have slow cook, steam, and porridge options. A countdown for approximately 10 minutes is also sometimes given for rice functions.