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Wiring is the focal point of any electrical connection, especially in circuits – which is the foundation of any machine. Ring terminals are essential components required for wire connection in both simple and complex electrical or even mechanical equipment. Although a ring terminal is typically used to connect two wires, one can also affix multiple cables at one junction point. Better yet, ring terminals provide seamless connectivity and can enhance a machine's performance to some extent.

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Ring Terminals Buying Guide

If you look around, the chances of finding ring terminals in any connection port are less to none. However, as far as industries are concerned, ring terminals are used everywhere – the automotive industry being the largest consumer. Other applications of ring terminals include railways, aviation, shipbuilding, and of course, electronic power. But a ring terminal is also used in some home appliances, automatic equipment, automobiles, and sometimes even computers. All in all, ring terminals are an excellent purchase and can come in quite handy – but keeping a few things in mind is crucial.

Insulated or Non-Insulated Ring Terminals?

There are two types of ring terminals – insulated and non-insulated, and the first step is to determine the right fit for you, and the choice depends on the environment. For instance, if the connection is entirely internal and there is no chance of the operator short-circuiting while repairing – then a non-insulated ring terminal should do. However, if the link is external and will require constant touching/repairs, insulated terminals are the only choice. Although non-insulated ring terminals are comparatively cheaper, insulated ones are more common due to safety reasons.

Which Material to Choose?

All ring terminals are made of copper due to its excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance, but non-insulated terminals are only tin-plated. On the other hand, insulated ring terminals are coated with other materials like PVC plastic and nylon. PVC insulated ring terminals are the most common as they prevent short circuits and breakage during use. But nylon ring terminals (also known as double crimp terminals) are somewhat superior to PVC in terms of quality. Nylon is better suited for heavy-duty machines and industrial applications, and are used to suppress high vibration. 

More Things to Consider

Ring terminals come in many designs, but a tube design is the most efficient as it is easier to crimp and solder, and also works well with all cable/wire types. Another essential factor to consider is the ring terminal's size and whether it will work for you. In case you need several different sizes or are not sure about the measurements, going with an assortment kit is more suitable. Buyers must also check the wire range that the ring terminals can support, especially if using for complex electrical connections.

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