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Rats tend to infest every house and carry with them scores of dangerous diseases and infections. Hence, it is important to take steps to curb the excess infestation of rats immediately. One of the best ways to prevent rodents into the house is to use rodent control products like rat cake and simple mouse traps.

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Rats are one among the most common pests that every household in the world has to handle. Since rats breed excessively, many rats are roaming in the streets. Because of their small size, they can easily enter houses through the smallest gaps in the doors or windows. Since rats typically travel through sewers and garbage thrown in the streets, they carry a host of highly infectious and dangerous diseases that can be lethal when it affects humans. Rats have caused the biggest and the most destructive plagues throughout history. Hence, rat control is essential for maintaining a healthy, clean household.

Boxed traps vs traditional traps

Mousetraps have been one of the most successful rat control devices throughout history.  A treat is kept on the traps’ catch attracts the rats, and its hammer strikes once the rat is on the trap, thereby trapping the rat and preventing its escape. However, the hammer strike in traditional traps is often fatal for the rats. A more humane option is the box traps in which a treat is kept inside the box, and the trapdoor closes once the rat is inside, thereby preventing the rat from escaping and keeping it alive at the same time.

Rodent repellent sprays for plants

Unfortunately, when rats infest gardens, they tend to eat away the plant or the flower grown with so much effort and love. Hence, to keep the gardening intact and prevent rats from eating away the plants, it is important to protect the plants, which can be accomplished through rat repellent liquids. These liquids can be sprayed on the plants and also on the floor inside the house or kitchen to prevent rats from infesting these places. Moreover, the repellent sprays are made of natural ingredients and do not harm the plants. They are also a good alternative for rat poison.

Bait cakes and blue cheese

While rats may not always fall for traps, they will fall for anything that even remotely resembles cheese. Bait cakes are small, bite-sized poisonous cakes that resemble cheese, which is why they are often known as blue cheese. These bait cakes are a foolproof method to attract rats because they are designed to look tantalizing.  When rats eat the cakes, they produce a lethal poisonous reaction almost immediately, killing the rat instantly. However, one must be cautious when setting the poison up because they produce a small allergic reaction. Hence, one must remember to use gloves when setting the trap.

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