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Anyone who loves to cook or bake understands the importance of having the right tools and utensils for both a good process and result. But there are a few kitchen items that no individual can do without, and one such excellent example is a rolling pin that can be found in almost every kitchen in the world. Whether you are prepping the dough for a day full of baking pastries and cupcakes or making noodles for a recipe, a rolling pin is just what you need – and it is suitable for both professional and daily use.

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Rolling Pins Buying Guide

Besides working with dough, a rolling pin can also be used for everyday kitchen tasks such as crushing black pepper or nuts and making pizza or chapatis. Better yet, a rolling pin makes an excellent and cheaper alternative to meat tenderisers and is also a fantastic gift for cooking enthusiasts and bakers. Even though many people prefer and recommend using old wine bottles and cylindrical glasses instead of rolling pins – a rolling pin is much more efficient, faster, and does the job well. However, one should keep some features in mind, and this guide will help buyers make an informed choice.

Does the Rolling Pin's Shape Matter?

Even though all rolling pins have the same primary function, they come in a few different shapes, and yes, it does make a difference. The most commonly used variation is the cylindrical/straight rolling pin that is suitable for a wide range of applications but is not necessarily the best choice for creating a specific shape or size. On the other hand, rolling pins with handles are better suited for working with a thick dough as it is easier to handle and more comfortable. Lastly, a tapered rolling pin is an ideal tool for professional bakers as it comparatively offers more flexibility. 

Are Wood Rolling Pins the Only Suitable Choice?

When we think of rolling pins, the material we usually associate it with is wood because it has been in use for a long time and is incredibly durable. However, today you can just as easily buy rolling pins made of plastic and stainless steel, but the question is – should you? The safest bet would be to stick with wood rolling pins as they are entirely natural and safe and tend to last longer. However, even stainless-steel and polyethene/plastic rolling pins are suitable, but buyers should ensure the material is of superior quality, non-stick, food-grade, and durable.

Other Essential Features

Like different shapes, rolling pins come in several sizes, and one needs to choose based on their requirement. For instance, working with pizza dough will be easier with a large rolling pin as it gives you more room to work with. Both baking and cooking can get messy, which is why buyers should go for dishwasher-safe rolling pins or ones that can be easily hand-washed with soap. Some brands even offer adjustable rolling pins that let you adjust the thickness as desired and come with printed measurements for preciseness.

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