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Round slings can be directly attached to shackles, carabiners, quick links or any non-abrasive anchor point. Being circular, they are straightforward and quick to attach. They are also used as a cheap alternative to hanging cables and ropes. Slings are covered with a tubular jacket made of synthetic material that ensures enhanced grip and durability.

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Round slings are logs of yarn covered by a woven shielding jacket. The sling is covered with a high tenacity polyester yarn, in a continuous manner around the core, forming an endless sling.

Characteristics of round slings

The flexible design of a round sling allows the sling to adjust the outlines and carry the load better than other lifting slings. These slings are commonly made of polyesters, which makes them highly durable. The material does not absorb mildew and water moisture. The continuous strands of polyester fibres make them exceptionally strong. The lightweight design makes them extremely easy to handle and store.

Protective tubular jacket

The synthetic jacket guards the cord against oil, dirt, grease and UV degradation. It also protects the sling from scratches. Round slings are mainly manufactured with a colour coded jacket based on the weight capacities of the sling. This makes recognizing weight rating easy. Each sling has identification tags to represent the type, size, and capacity.

Endless round sling

The endless round sling permits the user to rotate hook and load contact points, which results in increased durability. A round sling is an endless design with one simple large loop. They are an ideal alternative to wire ropes, chain slings, and webbing slings. Being endless slings, hook contact points can be frequently rotated to extend the sling life. Load bearing fibres never come in contact with the load and has no edge to wear out.

Eye&Eye round sling

Eye and eye lift slings have a wear pad attached to both sides of the sling, creating a loop on each end. They can be used in basket hitches, verticals, or chokers. These slings are two complete and separated slings in one. Each loop connects the hook and the load and accounts for half of the total sling workload.

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