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S-Hooks are a multi-purpose storage solution that is super affordable and easy-to-use. They are an organization nerd's best friend! The best quality of this hanging storage solution is that it is customizable. You can use them wherever you like, be it office or home. When placed on rail or rod, S-hooks can hang numerous office and household items and can be adjusted as you wish. You can slide them back and forth on the rod and can do away with them whenever you like.

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Headboard Lamp

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Command Clear Hooks

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S-Hooks Buying Guide

S-Hooks can hang on multiple types of rails and rods around the office and home. Items that are used more frequently can be hung on S-Hook rather than being kept inside on a shelf. This buying guide will help potential buyers to choose the right S hook for their homes and offices.

Choose the right type of S-Hook according to need

Before buying S-Hook, a potential buyer should understand his/her needs and preferences. Safety hooks are used to eliminate trip hazards by properly storing coiled cables out of the way in factories and for storage purposes in homes and offices. The potential buyer should make the right choice based on place of use and what needs to be stored. For home organization, S-hooks can be smartly used to hang up cooking utensils, gardening tools, vases and plants, for storing cleaning supplies, bath and craft supplies. Jewelry items can also be suspended from these S hooks.

Types of S-Hooks

S Hooks are available in various materials like Aluminum Metal, Stainless Steel and Plastic. If you do not have a rod or rail to hang the hooks from, adhesive hooks are a better option, that can be attached on different surfaces like wood, marble, ceramic, tile, glass, plastic, stainless steel and metal. They are very easy to install and remove. If you don't like to paste anything on your doors and walls, mount wall hooks are a popular option.

Some other factors to keep in mind

The final way to narrow down the search is, of course, by the hook's weight-taking capacity. The market has S-Hooks that can take as less as 1KG to S-Hooks that can take as much as 25 KGs. The price of the hooks varies from $ 1 to $ 13. Other considerations are also there, like the hook's size and color, which can very well influence a buyer's decision.

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