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After a newborn starts crawling, the first thing is to childproof your home with the best security measures. Safety gates are one way to ensure that the baby stays away from potential dangers. That is what prompts all the parents to purchase safety gates for their homes to protect their children.

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Safety Gates Buying Guide

When babies start crawling or walking, you have to make sure they do not fall down the stairs. Among many security measures, safety gates are one of the best precautions to prevent your baby from any injuries. Once you install them in your home, only the adults in your house will be able to open or close the gates. It keeps the baby away from dangerous places and childproofs the entire house. Due to the various types of safety gates available on the market, selecting the most suitable one is a little tricky. This buying guide for safety gates goes through all the factors to look over before buying a safety gate. 

Portable security gates

Childproofing your house to protect your baby from potential dangers makes the home a safe environment. But what will you do on vacation or when you are staying at your relative's house? The simple answer is to use a portable security gate and install it around the home or the hotel room. You can install a gate at the stairs and rooms that unsafe for the baby. Due to their portability, these safety gates help you secure any area you want in a matter of minutes. 

Features to look for 

Safety gates have many features that make them a great security measure for your home. One such feature is a sturdy construction that ensures the door does not break even with brutal force. Another crucial thing to check is the spacing between the bars of the security gate. You have to ensure the spacing is as less as possible so that the baby does not trap his head between the bars. Lastly, make sure the door is high enough so the baby cannot climb over it. 

Easy to install and remove 

Installing safety gates around your house should not take much of your time. Some security doors are ready to install within five minutes, while others can take more than 30 minutes. Check whether the gate comes with an instruction manual to help you assemble the pieces and install them as soon as possible. Moreover, you might need an easy-to-detach design if you are using a portable safety gate. 

Where will you use the safety gate? 

You can use a safety gate on stairs to protect your children from falling. Or you can block the unsafe rooms or bathrooms to keep the baby away from any danger. Some safety gates have installation flexibility that allows you to use them on any surface or area. 

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