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Kids are the most difficult to handle once they learn to walk. You might be amazed at the speed with which they reach from one end to the other end. During such times, their safety is the priority for you. Since you cannot & would not want to control their never-ending urge to explore new things, a safety harness is one such product which will ensure your little one stays close to you.

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These safety harnesses come with walking reins that, you can extend or kept short for enhanced stability. They also feature fully adjustable shoulder & waist belts. Hence, walking in busy streets is easy without stressing about your kid's safety. You need to check the age criteria to select the one that will perfectly fit your little one.

Animal themed ones

The safety harnesses come in a range of animal prints with attractive colours that look very cute. They are a visual treat which will invoke your child's interest in them. They have cushioned construction for enhancing comfort. These need to be hand-washed as putting them in the machine will disfigure their pattern. The fabric is breathable & soft for stress-free wear. There is a swift fitting buckle at the back, which is easy to fasten. They have an attached rein which can be used for training also. You can enhance the length for increased freedom.

Ones with a kit bag

Some safety harnesses feature a backpack that is attached to them. Therefore, your child will get the feel of wearing a bag rather than a harness, which has its positives. They have a rope that is shock absorbent. You can detach the backpack for individual use for later years which amplifies the utility value. It also has a pocket that can hold your kid's favourite toy or snacks. They are perfect for a picnic or amusement park trip. The sides come with a reflective band for additional visibility during the late evenings.

Cute add on hand-cuffs

Specific safety harnesses also come with parent hand-cuff. These cuffs are connected with the help of a spring which is long enough to give your kid the independence to investigate. They also have padded interiors for increased comfort. These safety harnesses have a child lock to prevent un-supervised de-locking. They also help the parents avoid pain in the lumbar muscles due to prolonged bending for long periods.

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