Top 12 Salad Plates

A dinner set is incomplete without utensils dedicated for particular purposes. If all the cutlery inside the kitchen were sized the same, it would not only make carrying out the various functions harder but also take away the appetising look from any dining table. A salad plate is a joining link between a perfect dinner set and any formal or informal dinner.

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Salad Plates Buying Guide

Salad plates are used for serving hundreds of different types of salads in an eye-catching manner. Just any plate cannot be used for serving salad as their size is inappropriate and may make the salad look bland on it. Salad plates are designed keeping the elevation of look and beauty of different components in mind. In any event, where a meal is served in three or five courses, salad plates are a desideratum. It is a taxing job to get salad plates, especially if not buying with a dinner set, as most people end up confusing their size and design with an appetiser or dessert plate. This is a buying guide that will give the buyer a panoramic view of all the requisites to getting an ideal salad plate.

Paying attention to the details

One of the factors setting different plates in a dinnerware apart is their size, as the design, texture, and thickness are the same most of the times. A salad plate is quite small for the exact purpose of highlighting the salad in it without leaving any unnecessary space. Their size can be in the range of six to eight inches, but what suits the person investing in these plates depends on whether they want it to go with a set or as a stand-alone piece. For a salad plate to go with any dinnerware, its balance, craftsmanship and proportion, should compliment the rest of the accessories.

Different materials used in making salad plates

Porcelain is an extensively used material for the purpose of building salad plates as it is safe to use in a wide range of temperatures making it safe for both oven and the freezer. But, this is not where the variety of salad plate materials end. They are also available to buy in many other materials in the line of brass, crystal, lacquer, thick glass, pewter, wood and fabrics. Some people like to coordinate the salad plates’ finish with the material of their table. In that case, smooth surfaces gel with detailed textures, while coarse surfaces go well with other textures.

Value-adding properties of salad plates

If not easily manageable, Salad plates can add unnecessary maintenance cost, which can be avoided by investing in a non-stick plate. It is advisable that before purchasing the product, its rims are checked, as warped rims can make the plate wobble on any plain surface.