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Toys are the best gateways of informal education for children. They help them to focus their attention, learn to socialize & develop spatial consciousness. Sand & water tables are among such toys that help in tactile or multi-sensory learning. These toys are built in various creative ways to enable the kids in active learning with fun.

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Sand & Water Tables Buying Guide

Sand & water tables are the perfect toys, especially on an outdoor picnic or a beach visit. These toys are a sensory delight for the children, which encourages them to play. Many flashy colours are used to make the accessories that come with these toys, which help the kids in recognizing colour & design patterns. They range in a wide variety of sizes for you to choose from.

Smaller sand & water tables with exciting attachments

Some come with sand moulds, a watering kit, a little spade, & a bucket. Kids can have a lot of imaginative amusement while play. There are ones that come with two stools that can be used for placing their cute dolls. Therefore, these also help in integrating other toys & make the playtime even more rewarding. The more wings you give to your kid's imagination, aids in growing their mental faculties. Certain ones have separate water & sand sections, including a mini toy boat, water sprinkler & shovel. Some have crow's nest wherein the water put, dribbles & turns the paddle wheels.

Pirate, fish & unicorn themed tables

Pirate themed ships have cannons for squirting water & powerful tidal waves can be created using the spinner. Kids can enjoy splashing water all day long. By introducing innovative role play, parents can also participate in their game. You can weave your own fun-filled pirate story & bond with your kids even more. One can also use this leisure time to teach them morals & values in a unique style. Some have five fishes & a pole for helping your kid develop his counting & motor skills. There are adorable unicorns placed at the corners, which are an absolute delight.

Wooden & foldable ones

There are sturdy tables made of timber. They are easy to assemble. They come with two trays for putting sand & water. These have little detailing when it comes to the accessories. They are best suited for garden play. Some come with foldable tables for easy carry & indoor play.

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