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With a sandbox, your kids can play with their friends at home in front of your eyes. Sandboxes can add extra fun to your children's outdoor activities with enough sand to make castles and mountains. And selecting the best sandbox can be really simple if you consider all the crucial factors.

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Sandboxes Buying Guide

Keeping your children, especially younger ones, entertained for an extended period is not that easy. But the correct type of sandbox can really bring joy to a kid's face. This box mimics a portable playground for children and keeps them away from mobile phones in their free time. Even though children nowadays prefer video games to outdoor activities, a sandbox is the best way to introduce them to new, engaging activities. And for that, you have to select the best sandpit from the hundreds available. This buying guide contains all the essential factors you need to consider while buying a sandbox.   

Types of sandboxes

Even though all sandboxes have the same function, these outdoor toys are available in two variants – sit-in and tables. Usually, you will see sit-in sandboxes in parks or playgrounds due to their large size and high capacity. You can use this sandbox in your garden, giving your children enough space to play with their toys. On the other hand, sandbox tables are much smaller and stand on legs. This model allows your kids to play with sand while standing. Due to the small size of these sandboxes, you can easily store them in your home.    

Easy to install and clean

Whichever sandbox you buy, make sure it does not demand much of your efforts for installation. Your kids will be playing in the box regularly, so buy an easy-to-clean model for convenience. Regular cleaning will prevent germs and pests from entering the sandbox, keeping your children safe. If you set up the sandbox in your garden, you can buy a cover to save it from heavy rainfalls. Moreover, keep buying new playable sand for the box after a while is an excellent way to protect your kids from harmful contaminants. 

Consider storage space and size of the sandbox

Measuring the storage space gives you an idea of how much area the sandbox will take into your home. If you want to keep it within an open area, you will need a cover to keep the sand fresh for a long time. However, storing it under a shelter won't require you to purchase a cover.  

The size and shape of the sandbox are also essential factors to ponder before you select one. Whether you need a large or small sandbox depends on the space in your storage facility and how often your kids will play with it.

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