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If you plan on learning a musical instrument, a saxophone can be an excellent way to start. Even though learning any instrument is challenging at first, one might be able to pick up the way saxophones work quickly. Saxophones are played with padded keys (sufficiently spaced to fit the human hand) and a mouthpiece – usually single-reed. Because of the saxophone’s versatile nature – it is widely used in jazz, classical music, marching & military bands, symphony orchestras, ensembles, and even contemporary music.

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Saxophones Buying Guide

Besides self-learning, a saxophone can be used for teaching and performances in schools & universities. Similarly, it can make an excellent gift for anyone, be it friends or family – and is suitable for both beginners and professionals. However, one should keep in mind that there are six major saxophone types: bass, tenor, alto, baritone, soprano, and sopranino. The only difference between all these is the pitch level they deliver. So, buyers must start by choosing one variation based on their requirement/preference and then consider some more factors – that this guide will elucidate.

Should You Consider Buying a Mini/Pocket Saxophone?

When buying saxophones, buyers will also come across mini (or pocket) saxophones that are much smaller in size and look somewhat different. The main advantages of purchasing a mini sax are that it is affordable, lightweight, and portable, so you can easily carry it wherever you go. Moreover, if you want to give the instrument a try without spending too much money, mini saxophones are the ideal choice. Regardless, it is essential to remember that the reeds supplied with pocket and mini saxophones can be harder to play for beginners.

High-Quality Craftsmanship & Sound is Prime

The craftsmanship of any musical instrument, including saxophones, should be of superior quality as it affects the sound output. Whether brass or copper, the saxophone’s material must be superfine in quality with high air-tightness and advanced leather pads for smooth play. Similarly, the keys should be accurately positioned and have a good feedback rate. The saxophone’s body must be constructed with solid, sturdy, and corrosion & rust-resistant materials for durability and prolonged use. As far as the saxophone’s sound is concerned, it should have excellent tuning & vibration plus stronger sound power and air penetration.

Go for Saxophones with Included Accessories

Saxophones usually have an engraved design, making them somewhat delicate and harder to clean. Instead of using any duster or cloth, buyers should only use cleaning brushes designed explicitly for saxophones. Similarly, one needs other accessories to play the saxophone, including shoulder straps, gloves, dental paste/pads, mouthpiece set, and additional reeds. Some saxophones even come with carrying cases or bags for extra protection and easy portability. So, buyers should go for saxophones that already include such accessories to meet all their needs.

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