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Screw terminals, also known as terminal blocks or terminal connectors, are essential in any industrial setting. The terminal has an outer insulated frame and is used to secure two or more wires together. Instead of traditional methods like soldering or twisting, using a screw terminal block will give the operator added flexibility, especially for modifications and troubleshooting. Since screw terminals have individual compartments, it helps keep the wires organised and the connection secure.

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Screw Terminals Buying Guide

Using a screw terminal is simple as all one needs to do is place the wire(s) in the insulated body and screw it in. However, picking out the right screwdriver for the job depends on the design and size of the screw terminal block. One primary application of screw terminals is wiring, be it in a building or an electronic device. Although primarily used for industrial operations, one can use the terminal block for extensive DIY projects involving electric connections. However, buyers must reflect on some characteristics before choosing, and this guide is here to help.

Which Structure Type Should You Choose?

There are majorly three structure types of screw terminals – dual, three, and four-level – also classified as 2-pin, 3-pin, and 4-pin terminals. But the only dissimilarity between the three is an additional connection block. For instance, if you need multiple connections from one power source, going with a 4-pin screw terminal is more suitable, and it will also help save space. The choice ultimately depends on the buyer’s requirement or purpose. However, some brands offer screw terminals with 12 connection ports, which buyers can purchase if preferred.

Safe and Reliable Material is Essential

When it comes to any electrical component, safety and reliability are non-negotiable, and the same goes for screw terminals. Buyers must ensure they go with well-built terminals such as high-quality iron or copper, as both are excellent for conductivity. Similarly, a polyethene plastic coating on the outside can protect against corrosion and extend the screw terminal’s service life. But no matter the material used, the terminal block must be sturdy and easy to weld.

Size and Other Vital Properties

All screw terminal blocks differ based on one other factor – the wire size and buyers must ensure that the terminal is compatible with the wires they want to use it for. Another thing to consider is the voltage output, and if you need the screw terminal for industrial purposes, high voltage is essential. In case you require multiple screw terminal blocks, it is better to go with a pack, including all variations. The screw terminal you choose must also be suitable for all kinds of electrical items, especially general-purpose electronics.

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