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Seals and O-Rings are the epitomai of machine engineering, and while they may look basic – they are indispensable elements. O-rings and seals' primary function is to prevent gasses or fluids/liquids from entering or escaping between two adjacent surfaces. As the gas or liquid pressure increases, the rings are further compressed, increasing contact pressure and sealing the material even better. Some seals & O-rings typical applications include filters, pressure washers, pumps, plumbing, mechanical repairs, and everyday maintenance.

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Seals & O-Rings Buying Guide

Although both seals and O-rings perform the same task, they are entirely different and should not be used interchangeably under any circumstances. While an O-ring is circular or round, seals (also sometimes called gaskets) are somewhat flat and can fit in hard-to-reach areas/joints and take any shape – making them a popular choice. But gaskets perform better under extreme temperatures, and O-rings can withstand more pressure. The first step is to identify which seal is more suitable, but there are also other factors buyers must consider – that this guide will explain.

Durability is Prime

Since seals and O-rings are typically used in heavy-duty machines, durability is of the utmost importance. All seals are made with rubber, but it is essential to ensure that the rubber is of premium quality and hard. For instance, fluorine rubber rings are an excellent choice due to their excellent thermal properties. However, strong sealing and air-tightness are also highly crucial to keep the gasses and liquids in place. Buyers should also make sure the O-rings and seals are resistant to heat, corrosion, ageing, oil, abrasion, fuels, and chemicals for long service life.

Check the Size

Whether you buy an O-ring or a seal, it is vital to check the size beforehand and whether it will fit in your machine or device. Even though containing the measurements seems reasonably simple, it is somewhat complicated for seals and O-rings. The size needs to be measured three ways – outer diameter, inner diameter, and cross-section diameter. Moreover, buyers also need to consider the thickness to ensure quick and easy installation. But if you're not too sure about the measurements, the option of buying assorted rings or seals is always open.

More Key Features

All machines operate under different temperatures, and a gasket or an O-ring should be able to withstand it – which is why a wide temperature range is essential. Some seal kits include all fitting accessories and fitting instructions, which can be beneficial for beginners. If you are buying an O-ring or gasket assortment kit, a handy and re-sealable storage case with compartments is a must for portability and identifying different sizes. Buyers should also go with a professional, reputed, and trusted brand, especially if planning to use the O-rings and seals on expensive machinery.