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A seesaw is the centre of entertainment for every playground. With so many years of enjoyment, it has evolved in various aspects in terms of design and material that guarantee more fun and safety.

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SeeSaw has a plank pivoted at the midpoint, acting as a lever. It is an amusing way to develop muscle strength and coordination. Though delightful, there are several precautions to consider before getting the one for yours.

Traditional SeeSaws

A traditionally styled seesaw can be a two-seater or four-seater up and down seesaw. The plank may be pivoted with a bar or spring, fixed on the ground. Spring provides rocking motion and ease in entry and exit. While the beam or plank is made of metal or wood, the seat is made of comfortable and sturdy synthetic material such as polyethene.

Spin and Bounce SeeSaw

Some seesaws have a 360 degrees swivel that can give rotatory motion to the shaft along with up and down bounce. Due to the rotary motion, the seesaw must be more sturdy than a traditional one. These seesaws are mostly made of heavy-duty stainless steel coated with paint to withstand the harshness of all the weather. A spin seesaw offers an adjustable shaft length that can increase or decrease the spin diameter. 

Glider SeeSaw

Unlike a traditional seesaw, a glider seesaw can be suspended by a ceiling, tree, or hanged using cables or ropes. A glider seesaw is easier to install and disassemble. It consists of a single plank that is suspended by a suspending medium from the centre. The riders share the seat by sitting at each end of the plank to cause a seesaw motion. 

Important factors to consider

A few seesaws come with an adjustable balance point so that children of different weights can enjoy the game. Ensure that the base of the seat has a secured bottom with a rubber stopper or bumper acting as a shock absorber. It is essential to check that the material does not contain hazardous substances such as PVC or phthalate. The handles should be made of foam rubber that provides a firmer grip; a metal handle may get slippery due to sweat or moisture and hot during high temperatures. 

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