Top 12 Sega CD Games

The Sega CD or the Mega-CD is a CD-ROM accessory made for the home video game console Sega Genesis or Mega Drive. It came with hardware functionality like a fast-paced CPU as well as graphic improvements such as rotation and sprite scaling. The Sega CD plays CD-based games with added features like the full-motion video (FMV). In fact, one of the most famous of Sega's games called 'Night Trap' used the technology. Sega CD is also known for acclaimed games like Lunar: Eternal Blue and Sonic CD. Read on to explore more of Sega CD's games!

Sega CD Games Buying Guide

Sega CD's games are just what the lovers of vintage games like. The FMV manipulation had lots of admirers along with other enhanced graphical manipulation. Thus it is a great gifting idea for ardent gamers. Sega CD games guarantee a fun-time for kids and adults alike for its retro yet modern gameplay.

The many games!

One cannot introduce the Sega CD without bringing in 'Night Trap'. It was one of the most highly grossing games at the time of its release. It is still much in demand. It is an interactive FMV game where the player is in charge of surveying a household and activating traps to seize anyone who endangers the guests in the house. The Sega CD also released games like the Sega Classics Arcade Collection in two versions, namely, 4-in-1 and 5-in-1, consisting of four and five classic games.

An action-adventure game series that garnered substantial praise, called 'Ecco the Dolphin' follows the story of a dolphin named 'Ecco', who fights against the extraterrestrial presence in the world. This five-part series is known widely for its high difficulty level and atmospheric soundtrack involving dolphin squeaks and marine life.

'Star Wars: Rebel Assault' is a "shoot 'em up" video game set in the Star Wars universe. The game follows a young pilot who fights for the Rebel Alliance in a civil war in the First Galactic Empire, an autocracy in the much-admired Star Wars franchise. The game features music from the original movies as well as footages manipulated by CGI. The game was considered to be way ahead of its time for its pre-rendered 3D graphics.