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The Sega Saturn is a fifth-generation video game console developed by Sega, released in 1994 in Japan. It succeeded the victorious Sega Genesis. The Saturn bears dual-CPU architecture and eight processors and its games come in CD-ROM format. The Saturn is renowned for its well-regarded games like Nights into Dreams and the Panzer Dragoon series.

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Sega Saturn video game console

The original Sega Saturn video game console was deemed as a technically impressive hardware at the time of its release. Its soundboard has bagged many praises. The console is available in the market in new and used conditions. The pack contains a game console and two controllers. Plentiful of action replay cartridges are also available, in case one wants to heighten the Saturn console experience. One such cartridge allows you to enter various codes for a multitude of enhancements and to gain access to games that may not be supported in your region.

The alluring Saturn games

Nights into Dreams is perhaps the most famous game from the Sega Saturn. The action game follows two children entering a dream world called Nightopia with the protagonist Nights as their guide. Together, they attempt in fighting off the evil ruler Wizeman from destroying Nightopia. The game has received much acclaim for its compelling soundtrack, graphics and atmosphere.

The Alien trilogy from Saturn is a 3-part game series based on the first three movies from the Alien film series. This first-person shooter game borrows many elements from the film series such as chestbursters, facehuggers, dog aliens etc. The game is gripping and gory and is restricted to 14+ gamers.

Accessories in abundance

The accessories for the Sega Saturn are always available in the market for its growing demand. Controls pads compatible for the console by Sega licensed brands are readily obtainable; consisting of original D-pads, buttons and the like. To experience an augmented, crisp gaming escapade, AV cables that provide optimal signal transfers are also available, exclusively for the Saturn.

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