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From small household appliances to large industrial machines, bearings form an essential part. In modern-day compact machines with close running rotating and stationary parts, bearings hold and support the rotating part absorbing all the load forces. They keep the rotating and stationary parts apart, prevent them from touching each other and help the machine to deliver the designed function.

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In Self-aligning ball bearings, the inner diameter of the outer race is machined in a spherical form. Inner race, along with rolling elements, can have angular movement concerning the outer race. They can take radial loads and also axial forces in both directions.

Applications of Self aligning ball bearings

Self-aligning ball bearings find application in industrial fans, Rollers of paper mills,  textile, agriculture, and transport and construction machinery. These machines have long shafts, and the shaft may slightly bend during operation. In rollers of textile dryers operating at higher temperatures (120 to 150oC), there can be a slight misalignment of two bearings supporting the roller during operation. Self-aligning ball bearings adjust their positions to nullify the effect of misalignment, resulting in smoother running and long service life of bearings and that of equipment.

Types of Self aligning ball bearings

They are either ball or spherical roller type. They are available grease packed with rubber seals at the ends. There is no need to do periodic greasing for sealed bearings. They can be used in a dusty environment. In this type, the inner ring can swivel about 1.5o concerning the outer race.

The ones without end seals

Self-aligning ball bearings without end seals can have a higher swivel, up to 4o. The bearing with taper bore, supplied with adaptor sleeve, locknut and lock washer are available with this type bearings. They make the fitment job easy. Cast iron pillow blocks with replaceable self-aligning inserts are also available. This type of Pillow block is easy to install & are cost-effective. They are usually used in large industrial fans and textile machinery.

Lubrication for bearings

Bearing need lubrication either in the form of oil or grease. For lower speeds, grease-lubricated bearings are used. For medium and high-speed oil, lubrication is used. Bearings are precision items, need proper lubrication & cleanliness to give satisfactory life.

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