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Soaking in the sun can give you massive headaches. Thankfully, final destination movies taught us to stay away from tanning beds as far as possible. This leaves you with the last and the absolute best option of obtaining a beautiful summer glow- self-tanning products. A UV free faux tan can be difficult to achieve, but not impossible. Albeit it will take months to perfect, but summer isn't going away anytime soon, right?

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Self-Tanning Buying Guide

Tanning is the last option in your skincare list. That is after you have finished exfoliating, washing and wrapping up everything you want to do on your face, then only should you proceed towards tanning products. The reason being, any oil-based tanning kit can recklessly damage your face and skin. The area that needs to be done must be waxed and shaved beforehand. While incorporating these products in your routine, make sure you have cleaned the site properly.

Skin Tanner that suits the skin tone

No wonder you have the desired look in your mind; however, selecting a product that doesn't match your tone can make you have a weird orange hue instead of the beautiful glow. Pale skin must go with subtle shades. Olive skin does have products in the medium and dark range. Choosing a product that suits your skin tone can ensure that your face doesn't look weird and oddly toned. The skin tanner product you choose must be easily removed. Ideally, lemon juice is the go-to remover, but still, try looking for those options which are listed in your selected tanner.

Abrasive products do more harm than good

Make sure you read the product ingredients and look for the immediate red flags. Abrasive products can damage your skin as it can cause breakouts. Retinols can easily dissolve your tan while making way for acne. Always do a patch test before buying any product. Make sure the product you buy can moisturise and nourish your skin in every way possible.

A nutritional component in each product

Most bi-phased self-tanning products are silicon-based and hence don't show off the desired results. Therefore, always opt for an oil-based self-tanning product as they not only guarantee you a complete makeup removal, but they are also responsible for giving beautiful skin that is fresh, moisturised, and hydrated. Each self-tanner must be loaded in with essential vitamins such that your skin can benefit from the product. Due to its dark composition, many people prefer to use the product as contour, hence choose accordingly.

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