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Say you are working in your garage and all your tools & equipment are scattered everywhere – requiring you to leave the work-station more frequently than you’d like and end up wasting time and effort. But investing in a service cart can save you the trouble and better yet, it has various other uses. Besides having all your things in one place, service carts can also serve as a simple storage or organisation space for everyday items.

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Service Carts Buying Guide

We often see service carts and trolleys being used in restaurants and aeroplanes to serve food as it saves the additional trips to the kitchen. Similarly, service carts can be useful in warehouses and stockrooms where packages or other items need to be transported time and again. Other than industrial and domestic use, a service trolley can be put to good use in offices as well. Service carts can get more work done in the same or a lesser amount of time, making it a worthy purchase for everyone. However, considering some features first is the ideal way to begin.

Go with A Well-Built Service Cart

Whether you plan on using the service cart for lightweight or heavy objects, ensuring it is well-built is essential, and one way to determine this is by checking the material used. Standard service carts are typically made with steel to increase the cart’s service life and durability – and although an excellent choice, steel is somewhat high-maintenance. Those who don’t prefer iron/steel can go with high-quality plastics like polypropylene that are exceptionally durable and waterproof. But no matter which material you choose, make sure the cart is sturdy.

Storage Space and Weight Capacity

Since a service cart’s primary purpose is storage, buyers must ensure the trolley has sufficient space and an adequate weight-bearing capacity. Based on their requirement, one can choose the number of shelves/tiers on the service cart. But the shelf must have spacious storage space suitable for large items or boxes and checking the size measurements beforehand is best. Another thing to consider is the service cart’s weight capacity and the more it is, the better – especially if buying one to store or transport bulky goods.

Additional Features

A service cart should be easy to move around, which is why an easy-grip and comfortable handle is a must. In addition to a convenient handle, the service cart must have flexible wheels along with 360-degree swivel wheels or rubber casters for increased mobility. Locking brakes are a feature one must consider to keep the cart in place while they work. It is also crucial that buyers go with pre-assembled and easy to clean service carts. 

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