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The shoe horn is a handy tool that people seem to use in society for ages, and they are still not out of fashion. It ensures that your shoes stay in good condition, and it also helps one get their feet into the shoe without much struggle. People who have back pain issues consider it very helpful as they do not need to bend much if they use a shoe horn to wear their shoes.

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Shoe Horns Buying Guide

If you are someone who finds it difficult to glide your feet in the shoe, then a shoe horn is a must-have product for you. Shoes with sturdy and high heels show how much you have invested in them, but these heels do not make your ankle feel very good while wearing. A good quality product will eliminate this issue. Refer to this buying guide to make your selection process of shoe horn easier.

The material of the body

Shoe horns are available in various materials such as plastic, metal and wood. Though the material does not change the tool’s functioning, it still significantly impacts how classy your shoe horn looks. Moreover, the durability of the product also depends on the material of the body. Plastic bodies are the least expensive, hence the most affordable, and because of their flexibility, there are massive chances of breaking. Metal and wooden horns are more durable.

Length suitable for the user

Depending on the requirements of the user, one can always choose among the various size options. The size can vary from 3.5 inches to 32 inches. Young people can always opt for the short ones as they are easy to carry as well, while the older people who have painful experiences in bending down can go for the long ones as it eliminates the need to kneel. Longer ones can also help pregnant women.

Choose the versatile model.

Humans keep experimenting with their resources to improve them; similarly, shoe horns are now available in various models that are foldable, more flexible and telescopic. As the name suggests, one can use a foldable horn for travelling as it can be folded and need not much space while the flexible ones can adjust at any angle, and a telescopic model can change its size and can be used as short, medium as well as a long shoe horn.

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