Top 12 Side Plates

Side plates are generally round in shape, but you can always experiment with unconventional forms such as square, rectangle and triangle. Not all material can absorb the sudden temperature change. A thermally stable material promises longlasting durability. Microwave and dishwasher safe plates are easy to found and convenient to handle.

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Side Plates Buying Guide

Side plates are used for bread or to serve other sidekicks in the main course. They are smaller than a dinner plate and larger than a starter plate. They are available in different designs, colour and material.

Consider the rim of the plate                                       

Rim is mostly decorated with printed designs and patterns. While considering the plate’s diameter, consider the size that the rim is occupying, altering the portion of the plate in use. Some dishes have a wider edge, making them suitable for smaller serving portions. For semi-liquid food or food that releases juice like fruits, pork,  pick a plate with raised edge. But you can always choose a rimless plate that lets the food steal all the admiration.  

What unconventionally shaped plates can add

Square are easy to handle, but the edges tend to chip off readily. Choose a square or rectangular plate with a well-finished edge for mark resistant and scratch-resistant. Triangular plates are available with sharp angular or smooth round corners. They are not the most versatile shape option, but they look chic and quirky.

Ceramic makes the most obvious option

Ceramic is the most common material for side plates. Earthenware or stoneware are heavy, sturdy and affordable at the same time. Note that earthenwares are not always dishwasher safe or microwave safe. Porcelain china is white, non-porous and durable. You can use them in the dishwasher and microwave without hesitation. Porcelain china can withstand high temperature. Bone china is lightweight yet firm. They make a perfect presentation for a special occasion as well as for daily use.

Melamine and glass plates

Melamine is BPA free synthetic material. They are not microwave-safe but can be trusted with a dishwasher. Melamine is famous for being unbreakable, shatter-proof and hard to chip. They make the most durable and easy to clean side plate. Glass is the most hygienic option; they are non-porous and don’t absorb liquid, colours, and even flavour. They can withstand thermal change pretty well.

Metal plates worth a try

Any metal is not recognised as the best choice for dinnerware; it can be loud and impart a metallic taste. However, stainless steel plates are durable, easy to clean and resistant to corrosion. Yet, there is another drawback: they are not microwave-safe. To get the best of both the world, you can choose an enamel plate which is nothing but a porcelain-coated metal. They are strong and presented in artistic designs.