Top 12 Sink Mats

Those days are long gone when sinks were just an area to dump the dirty utensils and wash them. Nowadays, people get designer sinks to match the vibe of their beautiful homes and do not want the sink material to be weathered and scratched. Sink mats protect the precious sinks of buyers by avoiding scratching, marring and clogging of sinks.

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Sink Mats Buying Guide

Sink mats come to the rescue of buyers who want to wash their dishes without compromising the quality of their sink. It does that by preventing the utensils kept at the bottom under many heavy utensils from breakage and sharp objects from touching the surface of the sink. Some people prefer to use these nifty tools because they limit the bacterial and viral growth in the sink. There are as many steps to choosing the right sink mat as there are purposes served by it. Get swayed towards the direction of a wrong product is a common mishappening when there are so many options to choose from. To avoid the nuisance of purchasing the product multiple times, the buyer can refer to this all-inclusive guide on sink mats!

Material aspects of sink mats

The buyer has five material options while purchasing a sink protector, PVC, silicone, polyester, metal and rubber. Some of the options in a metal sink mat are prone to corrosion and sink staining, but usually, these mats are highly durable. Silicone ones are comparatively less durable than metal but are the most versatile options among the five. Rubber and silicone are also grease-resistant and do not slip in the sink. If the buyer also wants to put their sink mat to use in drying the utensils, they should go for polyester as it has high absorbance and flexibility.

Being heedful of the size

The size of the sink mat should be accurate. If the size of the mat exceeds the size of the sink bottom, it will bend in the middle and sides, making it counterproductive. On the other hand, a mat that is too small will not prevent scratches on the side. The buyer should tally the measurements of their sink bottom with the sink protector. The buyer must also ensure that a metal sink mat has feet on its corners to keep it stable in the sink. A metal mat without feet can damage the sink by leaving stains.

More to know about sink mats

It is vital to be careful about the sink hole while investing in a mat or a protection grid. Some mats come with construction that does not cover the sink hole, eliminating any chances of clogging. The buyer should get a product that is easy to clean and maintain to avoid the additional responsibility of cleaning the mat.