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Kids love slot cars: they are tiny, fun, and fast. One can play with them in made-up scenarios or race them against one another. A number of us continue to collect them into our adulthoods. Whether you are buying it for a child or adding to your collection, check some features before purchasing slot cars to have a satisfying experience.

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Children love to replicate the world of adults in their own way. They like to pretend dolls are babies, superheroes exist, and toy cars are the real deal. This is perhaps why they love slot cars so much. These miniature versions make for very fun, engaging toys. Children love to play with slot cars alone; the enjoyment is doubled when it turns into a race, and several compete to find out whose car is the best. Collecting slot cars is a popular hobby too. However, don't be misled: slot cars aren't just for the kids. Numerous adults dedicate considerable time, energy, and money to build their collections; championships are held across continents!

Design of the slot cars

Slot cars are miniature versions of specific models of cars; they should get the details correct. Check the car's logo, colours, and design; a slot car that has been built with care will be detailed intricately. This is especially important if you are building a serious, expensive collection. If you are buying it for kids, perhaps you can go easy on the details. Yet, a detailed slot car is a good slot car. The colours should not get washed off or fade.

What about the build?

Most slot cars are made of plastic. It should be adequately lightweight yet resilient at the same time. You can depend on the kids to hit walls and furniture with the slot cars many times. Hence, get slot cars that will be able to bear that treatment. The cars should be able to resist crashing. However, make sure that they are so tough that they end up causing damage to your wall or hurting someone. Check if the base of the slot car is durable enough; the outer shell should be flexible. Some slot cars have anti-skid tyres so that you can run them on rough surfaces.

Cars with lights

What can make a slot car more realistic? Lights. Slot cars sometimes have flashing LED lights all around. Some have lights only in the rear end. Make sure that the lights actually work. These lights are not only delightful for children but will also improve their hand-eye coordination and vision perception. Kids can play with these cars in the dark too.

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