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Whether it is for your two-year-old or yourself, there is nothing more adorable than buying a comfortable, soft doll as a gift. The fluff, the smooth feel, and the doll's overall cuteness make it a great friend or companion for us. There is an explosion of plush toys in the market that it has become a hard choice. This guide will help you in purchasing the right doll, primarily catering to a toddler's needs.

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Soft Dolls Buying Guide

Soft dolls are known for their unique calming effect on humans. The soft materials used in making these plush dolls make them a child's favourite among all the toys he or she has. Indeed, plenty of kids can't go out or sleep without their dolls beside them. Adults also seem to enjoy the soothing, warming nature of these play-goodies. Buying soft dolls for children, however, calls for excellent care and caution.

Soft dolls for young children

Soft dolls are primarily targeted at children, and parents or well-wishers ought to look for various standards being met while buying them. Reasonably so, as children are curious and naïve and may get themselves in trouble caused by unsafe dolls. Dolls in general, especially children's, as they are likely to be bitten, licked etc. should not be made of poor quality synthetic materials or contain toxic dyes or glitter. They should be flame retardant as well as washable.

Ensuring safety certification

All countries or states have specific certification or safety marks provided on the dolls being manufactured. It is crucial that you buy the ones that are marked safe for a particular age group. For example, soft toys with buttons, hooks, hanging etc. that can be swallowed are prohibited for the use of children under three in most places.

Dolls in abundance!

Soft dolls are one of the most demanded categories of toys for children. There is a market for them as long as children are being born. Thus, different kinds of plush toys are being made every day. Soft dolls that sing or make sounds when squished is just one such type. Such additional technologies call for additional caution than just a good old doll. Properly knitted and enclosed battery cases and durability etc. would become preferred features. Toys with internal squeakers require less caution and make great gifts for your furry friends; puppies or kitties.

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