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As the world moves toward a better and more sustainable environment, there has been a substantial rise in the use of clean energy resources – solar energy being one of them. Even though it started mainly for commercial use, today, solar panels can be seen everywhere, including households and residential buildings. Since the panel uses the sun’s heat and light to harness electricity, it is usually installed on a roof – as doing so increases its retaining power – however, there is always the option for ground-level mounting. Regardless, it is essential to use proper mounts and brackets for safe installation.

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Solar Panel Mounts & Trackers Buying Guide

Solar panels have a slightly tilted/slanting shape and come with built-in rails or handles that help secure them onto the desired surface – which is impossible without mounts and brackets. Besides public places and domestic homes, solar panels can just as easily be installed on vehicles such as RVs, caravans, boats, and campers and it is an excellent source of energy for those who are always on the go. Similarly, you can use the panels in garages, sheds, and even cabins. However, a buyer must take some factors into account, and this guide will explain everything there is to know.

Superior Quality is of the Utmost Importance

Like solar panels, even assembly tools like mounts and brackets are a long-term investment – which is why quality takes priority over anything else. The first thing to consider is the construction, which typically uses aluminium and steel as both materials are relatively durable and sturdy. But whatever the preference, the mounts/brackets must have exceptional corrosion and UV resistance, high-frequency insulation performance, and be high-strength for prolonged use. Similarly, the mounting accessories should not be affected by the weather or water and must withstand wear and tear over time.

Easy Installation and Maintenance are a Must

Installing solar panels often requires drilling, which is definitely not hassle-free and should only be done by a professional. Therefore, buyers should go with pre-drilled mounts and brackets that are also easy to remove. However, one must check if the mounting accessories are to be used with screws or an adhesive/sealant as the latter method does not need drilling. Another thing to ensure is sufficient space for easy cleaning and maintenance to avoid replacing the mount or bracket every few months – which is time-consuming and requires additional costs.

Design and More Essential Features

Buyers should choose mounts and brackets that are lightweight, compact, and designed for both on-grid and off-grid installations with an adjustable angle for added flexibility – plus sufficient space for ventilation and heat dissipation. One needs to check the size and suitable assembly area (such as corners or edges) of the brackets, and it is better to buy mounting kits as they will have everything you need in one place. An extended warranty period is also something buyers should consider for easy replacement.

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