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The comfort of your baby is the utmost priority as a parent. Babies tend to become cranky when they get an urge for sucking & cannot figure out any way to do it. Therefore, soothers work fantastically in calming your baby. Between the feeding sessions, soothers can be given to your baby to help them settle peacefully.

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Most babies have an immense urge to suck because sucking makes them feel the warmth of their mother. Hence, soothers can be used in different situations. For example, babies need to be given several vaccinations, or some other procedures like blood tests may be performed during certain times. The soother can work as a temporary distraction in such circumstances & relax your crying baby. If your baby faces trouble while sleeping, then soothers can comfort them. During flights, babies might experience ear pain, wherein soothers can to their aid & distract them from the discomfort.

Design & shape of soothers

Some babies prefer specific texture & shape, while some may not be choosy at all. Hence, you may need to try different soothers before your baby decides to settle on one. There are specific soothers suited for different age groups. Therefore, a soother that is too big or small for your baby's mouth may not be suitable & make your baby feel uncomfortable. If you are worried about your baby's healthy jaw development, then go for the orthodontic soothers, designed by dentists that promote proper oral development by minimising the pressure on the incoming teeth.

Animal dummy soother toys

During teething, your baby experiences a lot of itchiness & pain. Therefore, some soother variants come with a stuffed toy attached to their ends. Hence, your baby can relax while sucking onto the soother & also play with the stuffed animal. Such playful activities will help your baby take his mind off the pain. Managing a baby involves a lot of work & endurance. Hence, considering the limited time you may have for other household work, these products can be safely washed in a machine. The soothers can be sterilised in warm water. Thus, score high on the convenience quotient.

A few cons to note

Your baby may become excessively dependant on the soother if he is into the habit of using it for sleep. Therefore, during the nighttime, if the soother falls out of his mouth, he may start crying. Hence, it is not acceptable to use the soother as the first line of defence to soothe your irritated baby. Thus, keep a tab on the time duration of soother use. Additionally, the use of soothers might disrupt breastfeeding sessions. Therefore, once the nursing routine is set, you can give your baby the comfort of soother.