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Producing your music is a different kind of adventure. Sound modules permit the user to assembly his thoughts and deliver them in the form of music. Adjust and save your sounds through sound modules. Make sound pre-sets to uplift your musical venture. Hustle less and groove more with sound modules.

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Behringer CRAVE

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Sound Modules Buying Guide

Music is the best escape from reality. You dive into a fairyland with all good and no evil. When the music lyrics and tone are right, you can always elope from your emotional fight. Sound modules add the right style and texture to your music. They also add colour and feel to the generated music. There's lots of flexibility available for your gigs via sound modules.

A Dive into the World of Sound Modules:

Sound modules come with a zero-latency potential, unlike computers. A sound module is an integral component of keyboards that produce sounds. Rackmountable modules connect to the main keyboard through MIDI. Such modules are great for travelling light and studios as they generate exceptional sound quality. Sound modules, giving a tuff battle to virtual instruments, permit the musician to modify, edit and save their DAW settings.

Meeting the Family of Sound Modules:

Here are a few sound modules currently ruling the market to assist you in your buying journey. Tabletop synthesisers are digital analogue hybrids that provide control over the synth for a keyboard-less chassis. These sound modules are superb for real-time manoeuvre, knob-tweaking, and electronic music. They produce an analogue sound that no other plug-in can cater you.

Sampler sound modules permit you to record, modify and playback bits of your audio. They consist of a set of finger pads that support playback sounds without an external controller's need. Samplers grant traditional workflow along with DAW-kind flexibility.

To Gratify Your Musical Needs:

It is best to own two or more sound sets that produce distinct sounds. Pre-existing sound sets are priceless as they save time and don't test your patience level. Multitimbral sound modules permit the user to generate multiple sounds in unison.  There is no certainty that sound modules should come with MIDI connectors only; they can also come with CV connectors. A USB connection is advisable if your computer is also an essential part of your gig. Opt for a model based on its control capacities and storage for optimal results.