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Spirometers are a handy device for checking someone's breath capacity. But choosing a spirometer is no easy task if you have no prior information about the device. This guide aims to present you with all the points to be kept in mind when looking at a spirometer, so you can choose one that fits you best.

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Medical practitioners often use spirometers to check one's lung capacity post-recovery of any lung illness. But a spirometer is a fairly easy tool to use, provided you've done your fair share of research. These devices can be used to check your normal breathing capacity or strengthen your lungs over time with frequent use. When using this device, it is important to adhere to the directions of your doctor.

Types of incentive spirometers

Incentive spirometers are of two types: flow-based and volume-based. Both types perform the same functions. The main difference is that flow-based spirometers use balls as visual cues to indicate breathing capacity, while volume-based spirometers use pistons as a volume marker. In case the user is recovering from a restrictive pulmonary condition, like interstitial lung disease or sarcoidosis, a volume-based spirometer might prove more beneficial.

The material structure

A spirometer has several components: A tube to breathe in through, an air column, and a ball or piston in the air column. As you breathe in using the tube, the ball or piston in the air column moves upwards. The maximum height the object in the air valve reaches, indicates the amount of air that was breathed in. Continuous deep breathing may cause one to feel lightheaded; in case this occurs, stop the exercise immediately and rest for a while.

The body composition

Incentive spirometers, also called manual spirometers, are typically made of plastic. They are durable and easy to clean. The body of the air column will be transparent so that it is easy to see the position of the ball as you use the device. It is advisable to clean the spirometer periodically. If more than one person is using the spirometer at a time, the mouth-piece should be cleaned frequently to avoid passing any potentially harmful bacteria.

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