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Stainless steel is a material widely used in households and various industries. It is available as bars, rods, sheets, tubes, wires and many more to match various requirements. This guide will give you an overview of stainless steel wire and help you buy the right one catering to your needs.

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Stainless Steel Wire Buying Guide

Stainless steels are made stainless with the alloying element chromium, which makes them impeccably resistant to corrosion. Other alloys can also be added in smaller quantities to enhance various mechanical properties. Stainless steel wires are made round or as flat ribbons. They can be finished in a wide range of tempers, thickness and length to suit your purpose.

The uses of stainless steel wire

Stainless steel is a highly versatile material that is commonly used in industry as spring wire and lock-wire. It is also a go-to wire rope material. The medical field also makes use of this invaluable metal alloy for a wide range of equipment. Many life-saving devices, such as orthopaedic implants, heart valves and sensor probes, as well as critical tools like surgical equipment, are made of it. At home, too, these wires make the best DIY materials for art and craft projects. They are also great tools for cooking, fishing and hunting, and suited for agricultural equipment.

Why stainless steel?

The greatest advantage of using stainless steel wires for industrial and domestic purposes is that they are highly corrosion-resistant. They are even fit for highly salted or aquatic environments. They are also temperature and pressure resistant to great degrees and radiation-proof. They are easy to clean, has a strong carrying capacity, reasonably priced, and highly durable, making them worthy of investment. Their flexibility makes them excellent for twisted mesh types. Anything from braided wire mesh and hexagonal wire mesh to crimped wire mesh can be made out of it. 

Major types of stainless steel wires

Stainless steel wires are available in many different types. Three of the major types are spring wire, forming wire and cold heading wire. Spring wire is highly resistant to fatigue and provides great tensile strength and elasticity. It also has excellent helix and cast features. They can be made bright and aesthetically pleasing.Forming wire is tough but easily flexible. It can have a range of finishes from the brightest to the dullest. It is compatible with various applications, and to suit them, they can be given different coatings. Cold heading wire is extremely corrosion-resistant and designed for strength with formability and ductility. It is ideal for making screws, rivets, nuts and bolts, studs and tie rods.

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