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Stamp collection is considered a valuable hobby all over the world. The collectors call stamps’ work of art’ and love to present this art in the most beautiful way possible. Stamp albums are like a home for amazingly printed and colourful stamps. A good stamp album is as much a crucial part of the stamp collecting hobby as good stamps.

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Stamp Albums Buying Guide

An enthusiast of stamps can find many options at his beck when he starts looking for a stamp album. A stamp album is a part of the representation of the art of stamp collection. Just any stamp album cannot do justice to the hard work of assembling these miniature art models, which is why stamp collectors, from novices to professionals, can get confused in the middle of so many options. This all-inclusive guide has gathered every little detail about stamp albums so that artists give a flawless representation of their hard work.

Stamp album varieties

Stamp albums came into play more than 100 years ago, and since then many versions of it have been used by collectors. Preprinted albums contain watermarks of all the well-known stamps around the world, and the buyer can paste their stamp collection on the watermark in a neat manner without having to worry about space and arrangement of stamps. If the buyer prefers to arrange the stamp collection themselves, they can go for black page album stockbooks that do not have watermarks and have black pages to highlight every stamp’s beauty.

The perfect layout

Every collector might have their own preference of laying out the stamps in the album. The buyer may like to paste distinct stamps on each page also called “one of each style”, or many stamps of the same type in a single row, also called a “specialist’s page”. For both kinds, the most extensively used kind of album is the one that allows the collector to increase or decrease the number of pages according to their need. In preprinted albums the buyer can choose among two formats- mounting the stamp, creating a pocket for individual stamps or hingeless.

Protecting the collection

Stamp albums can be either one-sided or two-sided. If the buyer does not want to present many stamps to the seer in one go, they can go for one-sided albums that usually have fewer pages and minimum chances of damaging the stamps. However, if the buyer needs more pages, and needs to present their collection differently, choosing a double-sided album with interleaving sheets is the safest option. The buyer must also ensure that the cover of the stamp album is made of a durable material like leather, which increases the album’s sophistication while protecting it.

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