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Stamps are one of the most widely-used tools all over the world. They are used for various tasks and save you the tediousness of writing the same thing repeatedly. While stamps offer hundreds of perfect impressions, stamp ink will eventually need to be refilled.

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Stamp Ink Refills Buying Guide

With a wide selection of various ink types, you can find the right choice for your needs. The best inks for stamping depends on your application. In this guide, we will help you choose the right one.

Based on the type of surface

You will need to consider the type of surface you will be working with when choosing the stamp ink refill. If you are stamping non-porous surfaces, quick-dry ink is suitable. It dries in twenty seconds to two minutes on glossy paper, metal, plastic, coated-paper, photographs. Due to the rapid drying nature of this ink, Random streaks and blemishes are minimal.  On the other hand, regular inks can be used on porous surfaces. The construction of these surfaces allows the ink to be absorbed and will dry relatively quickly.

Oil-based ink vs Water-based ink

Selecting ink for your stamp isn't a decision to make without consideration. Some inks contain components that are suitable for a particular type of stamp only. For example, Oil-based ink is mostly used in pre-inked stamps. It is water-resistant, as well as most detergents and soaps. On the contrary, Water-based inks are not permanent and can be easily removed using detergents and soaps. Self-inking stamps use such kind of ink. Take extra care while using Quick-dry inks as they are alcohol-based.

Other types of stamp ink refills

There are so many different types of ink refills that the average person would be baffled. There are a plethora of variants available that include Ultraviolet ink, also known as invisible ink. It is only visible when viewed under a black or UV light. Many of these ink options are safe to be used on skin and hands. It is non-toxic and dries quickly. The other type of ink available in the market is fabric ink, which sinks deep into clothing fibres to maintain a bold appearance withstanding washing and drying over time. Fabric ink leaves a fade-resistant impression on cotton, muslin, canvas, and more. 

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