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Whatever the season may be, one may always need an umbrella outdoors. Though compact umbrellas take up only a little space to keep, time has always proven that nothing protects like a stick umbrella for its ease of use, durability and strong build.

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Stick Umbrellas Buying Guide

Rains, winds and heat can fluctuate and knock our doors unexpectedly. Owning an umbrella is necessary to juggle through the difficulties one may face due to the weather. Hence while buying one, water and wind-resistant, sturdy umbrellas should be the topmost priority. Only stick umbrellas offer that kind of protection, some even withstanding fierce gusts of 60mph and lightning.

It’s all in the build!

When it comes to impeccable umbrellas, it is all about the structure and the materials used.
A strong, multilayered frame with fibreglass is a good place to start. The more ribs in the structure, the better strength it has. Windproof umbrellas are designed to flip, to regulate pressure, and return to the original stature afterwards. High-density pongee and 190T fabrics for the canopy assure water resistance and sleekness. Ease in operation is important in a sudden downpour. The automatic opening mechanism comes great in handy. A good grip for the handle is necessary, be it in wood, metal or leather.

A plethora of canopies

Choosing the right canopy is not just about the colour or appeal, but of efficiency. A large canopy with an arc of 130-140 cm can easily house two average persons. You can experiment with colours or pick the raven black depending on the nature of your environment; work or otherwise.

Transparent canopies provide a 360-degree view; perfect for pedestrians in navigating through traffic and while crossing roads. A dome-shaped umbrella assures complete coverage for head and shoulders as well. An inverted design helps in preventing the dripping of water, leaving no mess after use. It also helps those who travel by cars in that they can neatly close the umbrella while or after getting into the vehicle.

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