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An essential part of every closet is the hangers that neatly arrange all the clothes meticulously. The varieties and types available in a hanger are unlimited. Hence, choosing the right one becomes an essential task. If one buys the wrong hanger, they could end up with slightly ruined clothing items.

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Suit Hangers Buying Guide

Every closet needs a proper amount of hangers to maximise its storage and capacity. Delicate clothing items like formal suits require proper storage since one cannot fold them like regular clothes. And the availability of so many different types of clothing hangers makes it even more tricky to select a single one. The following guide focuses on the various key factors one should look at before choosing which hanger to purchase.

Choosing The Right Size

Before purchasing a suit hanger, one needs to ensure that it’s entirely appropriate for their suit set. Since formal suits require a hanger with broad ends, it is better to select one with a good length range of 40-45cm. One can also find a suit hanger with movable clips to adjust its length. They are mainly for holding the suit set’s trousers, along with protecting them from clip marks. One should also remember that if the hanger’s width is too narrow for the clothes, they will develop creases; if it’s too broad, the clothes can stretch.

A Variety Of Materials To Look At

It is ubiquitous to see velvet as a material used in making suit hangers. It’s because its soft, dense, and non-slip characteristics promote no creasing or slipping of suits onto the floor. Wooden hangers are strong, versatile, stylish, and highly functional. Its textured quality prevents slipping and is one of the most durable materials. Plastic hangers are the most economical hangers one can find that takes up the least space. However, they might be too lightweight to hang heavy coats or suits and eventually break.

Additional Ergonomic Designs

The shape and the angle of the suit hanger also matter a lot while purchasing. Curved or fully-contoured hangers are best-suited for formal suits to mimic the shape of their construction. A few of them also offer tie-hanging bars for maximum convenience. A feature like water-resistant can enable the buyers to use these hangers in bathrooms and laundry rooms.

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