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A relaxing day at the garden area of your home, and you are having a nice sip of your hot coffee. But, you are dealing with the sun at your back! Does it feel soothing? Definitely no! What can you do to avoid this irresistible sun from your garden back?

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Sunscreen Fabric Buying Guide

Sunscreen fabric, aka shade sails, can be used to prevent the sun from irritating you. It comes in various sizes and shapes. There are also many types of sunscreen fabrics available in the market. You only have to examine some of the categories to buy the right sunscreen fabric.

First, the types to consider

When we say types, it does not necessarily mean the technical types. There are two of the essential features to consider, which comes under types. The first is the water-proof type, and the second is the wind-proof type. A water-proof as the name itself protects from water or rain. It is designed with fabric that is closely knit. Simultaneously, a wind-proof fabric is made of a material with some minute gaps and can withstand wind. Both of these cannot be swapped for their work. So, when selecting a sunscreen fabric, make sure to examine closely in the type.

The material of the fabric made

Sunscreen fabrics are designed to protect you from the sun, rain, and UV. So, you have to be picky when it comes to selecting the material of the sunscreen fabric. There are three types of materials used in sunscreen fabrics, including polyester, polyethene, and acrylic. Polyester fabric is easy to clean, and it offers protection from UV, and it is weather-proof. They are also shape-retaining and tear-resistant. The polyethene fabric is water-proof, UV and stain-resistant. Lastly, acrylic sunscreens are also UV and stain-resistant.

Try various options of size and colour

There are two types of tones available in colours of the sunscreen fabrics. They are warm and cold colours, that is, light and dark colours. If you want more coverage from UV rays, UV-A and UV-B, opt for bright colours. Also, square, rectangular, and triangular shapes are available in terms of shapes. You can, however, add many different shapes to add more shade and shape. I hope this was helpful and useful!

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