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A surgical gown is made up of reusable traditional cotton muslin and tight weaves. It is treated with fluid repellent compounds as well. They are bio-degradable and reusable. Surgical gowns are made up of polyester blended with cotton to make it comfortable to use. They are soft, durable, breathable and very light weighted.

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Surgical Gowns Buying Guide

Surgical gowns are used by doctors while doing surgery or any type of operation. They are reusable and lightweight to provide comfort and convenience to the doctors and patients. Made up of cotton and polyester, and surgical gowns are soft and durable fabric. While purchasing surgical gowns, there are certain features and things which you have to keep in mind. This comprehensive guide aims to enlist all those characteristic features you have to look for while buying surgical gowns.

Prevent leakages

Surgical gowns are very comfortable and lightweight and are ideal for any surgical operation for the doctors. They are ideal for use in delivery suites, burn units, laboratories and mortuaries as well. They are leakage proof and also prevent leakage of between gloves and sleeves. So, they are best for such type of operations like surgical operations, laboratories etc.

Halter neck and waist ties

Surgical suits come in halter neck and waist ties. They can be torn apart from the halter neck and are easily removable gowns and are thus safe for the disposal purposes. Thus, surgical gowns are very much comfortable and can easily be disposed of after their use if required. Surgical gowns are reusable and can be reused without dis-comfort.

Comfort and ventilation

The open back designs of the surgical gowns give enough ventilation and comfort to the person wearing it. Also, the package they are packed and in dispenser boxes is adequately cleaned and wrapped around so that no dust or dirt is there in these surgical gowns. Proper ventilation is provided by the open back design of the surgical gowns.


The surgical gowns are latex-free and are very much comfortable. The length and width of these gowns are enough to provide comfort and convenience to the individual wearing them. The fabric of these surgical gowns is cotton mixed with polyester providing the comfort and convenience needed.

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