Top 12 Sushi Plates

Sushi plates are flat plates used to eat sushi and other traditional Japanese dishes. Unlike traditional plates, sushi plates are flat with no rims, square-shaped and made of bamboo. The small bamboo sticks are tied together, making it easy to roll the plate into a scroll and unravel it whenever one needs to use it.

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Sushi Plates Buying Guide

Sushi is an incredibly popular dish originating from Japan and is consumed worldwide. Every culture in the world has a traditional dish which is eaten for generations. Traditional dishes are the pride of the culture from which it comes. While traditional delicacies are served lackadaisically in restaurants, a more conventional way to prepare, serve and eat the dish exists. Many restaurants serve sushi on a plate with small sauce cups. However, the traditional method of consuming sushi is to eat it on a sushi plate, a thin, flat plate made of long and thin bamboo sticks.

Bamboo sushi kit

While it is not wrong to prepare sushi on a common plate with a fork and spoon and other cutlery, it is inauthentic not to use the traditional sushi eating kit.  A traditional sushi making kit consists of a bamboo mat on which nori can be rolled and contains various chopstick sets. Since rice is a major component in sushi, most sushi kits come with a set of two different sized rice spreaders to spread the rice and a rice paddle to put rice on the mat. Rice roller cutter is also a standard issue in many sushi making kits.

Sushi sauce and ingredient sets

Sushi uses many special Japanese ingredients. One of the most common ingredients in sushi is nori seaweed. Rice and fish are rolled into nori seaweed sheets and cut to make nori rice chops. The next most important sushi ingredient is soy sauce which is mixed into the rice. While ordinary rice can be used for sushi, it is recommended to use sushi rice for making sushi to ensure an authentic taste. Special sushi vinegar is used instead of ordinary vinegar. Other important ingredients like ginger paste, nigri makers and wasabi paste are also included because they enhance the taste.

Porcelain plate sets

Sushi is typically served in porcelain or ceramic plates and platters and various small cups for sauces, pastes and dips. Porcelain plate sets are available, consisting of a long rectangular plate with various cups and bowls to contain the sauce. Usually, these porcelain plate sets are painted with various patterns for more aesthetic appeal. A typical plate set consists of sushi platters, bowls, dip bowls and chopsticks. Many sets consist of plates in pairs of two or four. A family porcelain set can contain up to eight platters, bowls and eight sets of chopsticks.