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Swaddles are the perfect bedtime partners of your baby, as they keep them safe and secure and restrict any necessary movement. The primary goal is to keep the arms limited such that the baby doesn't get startled at night by their reflex action and start crying. However, a swaddle must not keep the baby uncomfortable as they will start crying the moment you put it on.

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Swaddles Buying Guide

Buying swaddle tails with it several processes that are a must when it comes to cradling the baby. You must know the month, the weather conditions and the place where the baby will be sleeping. A practical buying guide is required, and this will provide you with just that. There are many types of swaddles that include rugs, zips, pouches and transitions. The mats offer your baby with a one size fits all blanket that will keep the baby warm and tied up without any necessary equipment.

Other options that cradle the baby

Zip styles help cradle the baby by a zip swaddle, allowing the baby to slide in easily without any discomfort. Other types include the pouch swaddle which uses Velcro to put the baby in, like a traditional rug with an additional Velcro tip. Transition swaddles help transition the swaddle from a sleeping carpet to a sleeping bag such that the baby can have the utmost comfort.

Fabrics to control the temperature and keep the baby warm

Babies cannot control their temperature; hence they are very susceptible to temperature changes. To avoid this, one must buy a blanket or a swaddle to keep the baby warm and safe for the first 3-4 months. Fabrics like muslin are perfect for summers, and hence they should be opted for if your baby is born in the month of heat. Cotton is a very breathable fabric, and therefore it can be used all year round. Merino fabric is known for regulating the temperature inside, and material like Flannelette is best suited for cold months.

Safety for swaddles

One primary rule into buying a swaddle is that they must not restrict hip growth. The first initial months are vital for the baby's growth; hence any fabric must not limit their growth. To help natural hip development during swaddling position, keep your baby in a way such that their hips and knees are apart, like a frog.