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We spend money on buying swing chairs to relax on, then we forget about their maintenance. Swing chair covers act as the first line of defence against these conditions. It increases the longevity of the chair. This buying guide for a swing chair will help you find the best one available in the market.

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Swing Chair Covers Buying Guide

When you're not using the swing chairs, they are entirely prone to damage by outdoor elements. Here, swing chair covers act as lifesavers by protecting the chair against these damaging elements and increasing its life.

How to choose?

There are a variety of swing seat covers available in the market. While searching for the right one is a crucial task, keep your climate in mind. For people living in tropical conditions, where the weather is humid throughout the year, water-repellant covers are ideal. They work as a barrier against the moisture and swing chair material. To further increase the protection from humidity, air ventilation is a handful. Similarly, if you come from a region where storms are common, you should go for covers with double stitched seams to prevent ripping.

Types of covers

There are two types of swing chair covers in the market. The universal covers are for matching multiple styles of swing chairs. These covers will fit any piece of furniture that is within their dimensions. The tailored covers are customised to fit specific swing chairs. They provide better fitting and more protection than universal covers. They can also be used as universal covers if the swing chair is of their measurements.

Importance of size

While you are out buying a swing chair cover, make sure you're with your measurements. For some reason, you fail to achieve that. The swing chair cover won't be much useful. Too big of a swing chair cover will create an entrance for moisture, heat, and light, damaging the chair.  

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